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Specialties of the department

Over the years of functioning of the department, its qualitative composition and material and technical base have significantly increased. There is a doctoral study in the educational program 8D01110-Pedagogy and Psychology, as well as a master's program in the educational program 7M01110-Pedagogy and Psychology, 7M01113-Management in Education, which made it possible to update the quality of the faculty of the department. The team of the department has done a lot of work to improve the quality of teaching pedagogical disciplines for undergraduate students for the educational program 6B0100- "Education".

The department prepares bachelors in educational programs:

6В01112- "Psychology and Mediation"

6В01111- "Practical Psychology"

6В01110- "Pedagogy and Psychology"

6В01014- "Psychology and Public Health"

A modern educational and methodological base has been created, which is necessary for high-quality teaching of department disciplines for the training of teachers of a new formation. The teachers of the department have prepared , published educational and teaching aids, guidelines, which are introduced into the mass practice of universities and secondary schools of the republic.

According to the results of accreditation of IQAA and IAAR, specialty 5B010300 (6B011) - "Pedagogy and psychology", 5B010500- (6B019) "Defectology" since 2014 take 1st place. All educational programs have passed international accreditation.

Students of our specialties annually take prizes in the Republican subject Olympiads in psychology and defectology. The best students study for academic mobility in Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

          Today, the department "Modern Pedagogy and Psychology" employs 33 teachers, including 1 Doctor of Psychology, 4 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, 9 Candidates of Pedagogy, 18 Masters of Pedagogy and Psychology, Defectology.

                                        Content of the educational program

The department trains undergraduates and doctoral students in educational programs 8D01110-Pedagogy and Psychology, 7M01110-Pedagogy and Psychology, 7M01113-Management in Education. The main content of the educational  program is:  in-depth study of special features and general patterns of the education system, methodological and scientific-theoretical foundations of training, upbringing and development in educational institutions; mastering the system of knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of pedagogical communication and the personality of the teacher, as a carrier of certain values, ideals and pedagogical consciousness; the formation of skills and abilities to apply theoretical knowledge in pedagogical and research activities, in the development of educational and scientific projects and solutions. The overwhelming majority of disciplines contain the necessary complex of practical lessons, contributing to the effective consolidation of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and skills in the implementation of scientific activities in the field of pedagogical theory and practice.


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