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History and achievements of the Department "History of the Kazakhstan»

The Department Of history of Kazakhstan was established in 1943 and originates from the Kazakh Chemical and Technological Institute. At this time, the Department was called "Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism" and taught public subjects. Since 1980, the name of the Department has changed several times due to changes in society. In 1980-1989s, the Department was called "history of the CPSU". In 1989-1991, the Department was called "Political history of the twentieth century". After the collapse of the USSR and the independence of Kazakhstan, since 1992 the name of the Department was renamed to the Department "History of the Kazakhstan". Such scientists as E.Holtzman, A. Suleimenov, P. I. Malyshev, A. S. Abubakirova has made an enormous contribution to the development of the Department. From 1983 to 1995, head of the Department was doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Atauov Sactap Atauovich. 1995 – 2004 head of Department was doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Alibek Seidekhan Nurmukhanovich, 2004 – 2007 head of the Department was doctor of historical Sciences Auanasova Alima Musirovna, 2008 – 2014 head of Department was doctor of historical Sciences, docent Bakhyt Saparbayev Koishibayevich. Since 2014, the Department of "History of the Kazakhstan" is headed by candidate of historical Sciences, docent Karibaev Sarsebay Uskenovich.

The educational process at the Department is conducted by 27 teachers, including 11 candidates of science, 12 masters, 1 teacher and 1 doctor of PhD.  Candidates of science are - S. Karibaev, S. Sadykulova, J. Belgibay, J. Zholdybayev, J. Moldahmetova, S. Junisbayev, G. Tleukulov, L. RsimbetovA, E. Abduhalimov, N. Tajimukhanova, S. Kosanbaev.

Senior teachers and masters of science are A. Mukasheva, N. Tajimukhanova, Sh. Sembieva and teachers B. Saparbekova A. Baizhanova, M. Niyazbekova, E. Mirzakulova, G. Kapbarova, A. Dzhalilov, G. Ahai, A.Talman, M. Aitimbaev, E. Amirkhan, N. Baimakhan, G. Kablanova, Z. Sengirbayeva. G. the Doctor of PhD is G. Batyrbekkyzy.

The Department provides educational process for 1st year students of all undergraduate faculties and teaching the subject "History of the Kazakhstan", "Elbasytanu" and "Modernization of public consciousness". The main place in the Department is occupied by educational and methodical work.

Scientific direction

The state budget research topic that the Department is working on is "Kazakhstan in the past, present, and future" (the study of current problems of cultural, socio-economic development of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present day). The Department works within the framework of the strategic National project "Cultural heritage".

Scientific work

Research work is conducted on actual problems of history of Kazakhstan: socio-economic issues of the history of the development of industry – c.h.s.  Zholdybayev J.T., c.h.s., docent Sadykulova S. S.: problems of nation, religion and inter-ethnic relations, the problems of education, c.h.s., docent Karibaev S. U., on the problems of enlightenment religion and interethnic processes c.h.s., docent Moldahmetova, J. I., c.h.s., docent Yunusbaev S. M., c.h.s., docent Belgibay J. K., on the problem of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan .

Scientific works and articles of the Department's employees are widely published in both domestic and foreign scientific publications, as well as in collections of scientific papers of national and international conferences.  The results of research work of the Department's faculty are published in journals with high RSCS. Example: Moldahmetova J. I., Saparbekova B. Supplement to the journal Modern problems of science and education. Article: "on the role of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in the modern history of the country". Section historical Sciences publications for 2015, S. I. Aikozov, E. O. Oryntayeva Appendix to the journal Modern problems of science and education. Article: "On the methodology of agricultural development of the republic of Kazakhstan".Section historical Sciences publications for 2015, S. I. Aikozov Appendix to the journal Modern problems of science and education. Article: "Methodology of research of the history of social and economic development in the market relation". Historical Sciences section. publications for 2015, J. K. Belgibay, J.I. Moldahmetova "Technology of formation historic landmark." Life Science Journal 2014, Moldahmetova J. I. Technology of formation of pedagogical high shool students ' ethnic tolerance by means of teaching history. Life Science Jornal 2014, Karibaev S.U. "From the history of ethno cultural centers in South Kazakhstan region" Modern problems of Humanities and natural Sciences. Moscow, December 24-25, 2014, Kabyl A. The problem of interaction between the Museum and the school. "Te Second International conference on development of history of art and cultorology in Eurasia". Proceedings of the Conference ( January 30, 2015). "East West" Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH. Vienna. 2015. 50 p. (International conference on the development of art and cultural studies in Eurasia. Austria, Vienna.  January 30, 2015), Karibaev S.U." Historical Research A. Bukeikhan on the history of the Kazakh people " European Scientific Conference. 2017, Zholdybayev J.T., Kabyl A., Dzhunusbayev S. M. "From ethnographic descriptions of the Kazakh people in the works of T. U. Atkinson (based on the materials of the Turkestan collection)" Developing Labor Resources of Kazakhstan in the Context of Social Modernization Goals " / SSN 2308-4804.Science and the world.  Volgograd-2017. No 2 (6).Vol. I. 224. journal of Impact factor "Science and the World" - 0.325 (Global Impact Factor, Australia), J. I. Muldakhmetova, B. R. Saparbekova, S. Torieva "Studying the history of problems of modern history of the Republic of Kazakhstan in modern history" Modern problems of science and education 2017, Moscow, Russia, Dzhunusbaev S. M., Savin I. S., Baitureeva K. A. "on interethnic interaction in rural communities of the South of Kazakhstan", Modern problems of science and education No. 6, 2017, Appendix "Philosophical Sciences" Pp. 16-18 Moscow, Russia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Muldakhmetova J.I., Saparbekova b.R., Baizhanova A.A. "Development of historiography of interethnic relations in Kazakhstan during the period of "perestroika". XX international scientific-practical conference " Russia and Europe: the connection of culture and economy." Prague, Czech Republic, 2 .03. 2018, Batyrbekkyzy G., Zhamelov B. A., Dzhalilov A.M." Uly Zhibek Zholy boindagi kalalar" Actual scientific research in the modern world. Issue 11 (43). Part 4. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, November 2018, Zhamelov B. A., Dzhalilov, A. M., G. Batyrberkizy The beginning of the concept of "Ramiz" and the symbolic (symbolic) sign of animal symbolism» Issue 11 (43). Part 4. - Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi, November 2018.

The teaching staff of the Department "History of Kazakhstan" is actively engaged in educational work among young people along with educational, methodical and scientific works.

The Department is a center and organizer of social and political research. According to the plan of research work of the Department "History of the Kazakhstan" for 2016-2017, teachers of the Department conduct research on the main sections of the state budget theme.  B. 16-12-02 "Kazakhstan in the past, future and present".

The Department continues 2 research projects:

1. Study of ethnic integration among young people in the South Kazakhstan region. Project Manager: c.h.s., docent S. U. Karibaev.

2. Research of interaction factors in multi-ethnic rural regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and creation of a model for strengthening the internal unity of the population. Project Manager: c.h.s., docent S.M. Zhunisbayev 


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