Independence is the most important value for any state

Independence is the most important value for any state. And for the citizens of this country, peace and stability in society will be the main benefits of independence. By strengthening our positions, we overcome difficulties, overcome obstacles with dignity and take a firm step into the future, thanks to blessed unity and hard work to create a state that occupies a special place in world history, suitable for humanity. . This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of independence, the strengthening of our country and the triumph of our sovereignty. Although this time is a historic moment, it will remain for us a golden age of hope and faith, prosperity and unity, unity and friendship. 30 years of independence of Kazakhstan will be a short period from a historical point of view, and for our country it will remain an era of experience and trials, risk and unity, courage and patriotism. Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined seven specific pillars of preserving the values of independence: "The first. Independence is the most cherished value for any citizen. Strengthening independence - strengthening the economy. Second. Unity and harmony are the unshakable foundation of our country. Respect for the Constitution, knowledge of the state language, respect for national values is the duty of every citizen. Third. The land is the heritage of our ancestors, a national treasure. Fourth. Family and traditions are the golden pillar of society. The family is a workshop for raising children, a unique institution that is a source of social relations. Fifth. National culture is the spiritual support of the people. Along with material values, spiritual wealth is important for getting into the top thirty civilized countries. Sixth. Education and work are the key to a prosperous life. This is the fulfillment of our hopes. Seventh. Pragmatism is the key to competitiveness.These are the seven pedestals of the country! " On this occasion, the head of the department "Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education" candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Ermekbaev MA carried out explanatory and educational work in the group TP-20-10k2.


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