Interesting mood, student life!

  On the occasion of the International Day of Students, organized by active students of the Faculty of History and Pedagogy, a student evening "Interesting Mood, Student Life" was held. The purpose of the event is to familiarize students with the history of the holiday. Introducing students to search, the ability to rationally answer, resourcefulness. Education of activity, comprehensiveness, efficient use of time, avoidance of bad habits. In his student years - a deep education, a desire to become a competitive specialist.
         Dean of the Faculty of History and Pedagogy K.M. Urazbaev congratulated 1st year students on the first holidays and the formation of students.
- Here is the master of the future - the younger generation. The education of generations bears a great responsibility to teachers. Abai: "Human humanity... from a good generation. " At the same time, for our students who will become future teachers, the main goal is only quality education and careful education, obtained from the cradle.
      Deputy Dean for Educational Work and Social Affairs G.T. Malgaidarova:
- Education is our main treasure. People's poet Nurpeis Baiganin said: "There is nothing more expensive than education, not that." Only an educated person will decisively go into the future. If our young people combine the knowledge gained with the mind, art, beauty of the body and soul, kindness, joy. Learning only through continuous work brings good results, high achievements. A comprehensive, conscious, deep education, the competitiveness of our student youth is the demand of society. In this regard, along with education, multifaceted educational work is of great importance.
    The students showed their performances. Many thanks to the students who took part in the event!


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